Personal Life

Education and Training

After a brilliant academic career in school, Dr Vikram secured admission to Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Medical College [B J Medical College] in Ahmedabad. The college was originally founded as Ahmedabad Medical School in 1871.

After gaining his masters in orthopaedic surgery in 1989 he decided to take advanced training in joint replacement surgery. He worked and trained from 1990 to 1992 with Mr A G Hayes and Mr T U Menon at Ormskirk & Wrightington Hospital, in the United Kingdom. Later he took extensive training in Switzerland and Germany as well.

Later from 1992 to 1993 he did a fellowship with Dr Brice Brockin at Shelby Medical Centre, Birmingham, Alabama, USA. That stint with Shelby was to have a major influence on him. A few years later when he founded his first hospital, he named it Shalby Orthopaedic Hospital and Research Centre, Ahmedabad.

Art of Living

Self discipline and relentless pursuit of goals define Dr Vikram Shah. Physical exercise and the practice of Yoga is an essential part of his life. He starts his day at around 6 AM with a walk, Yoga and exercise or swimming. He begins surgeries before 9 AM on most days. He works with his Management Team till late, but retires early. His hectic schedule continues the following day.

Leisure and Sports

Studying History, Geography, Engineering Sciences, Gardening and Photography are some of Dr Vikram’S hobbies. His knowledge of the two World Wars [Great Wars] is legendary. He has adopted the stern, austere discipline of war missions in his own life.

He loves to travel; he has visited every corner of the habited world. His knowledge about culture and habits of people everywhere has helped his mission of making Ahmedabad and India the biggest Medical Value Services Hub.

A keen cricketer, Dr Vikram was a part of the B J Medical College Cricket Team during his undergraduate years. He played for his college in the Centenary Celebrations tournament in 1979, where major sporting events were organized and as many as 10 medical colleges participated.


Dr Vikram’s father Shri Indrajeet Shah was a civil engineer by profession and was employed by the Government of Gujarat. A highly capable man, Indrajeet Shah was respected by all, his superiors, peers and subordinates. “If he decided to do anything, he always accomplished it,” said his former subordinate Mr Bhatt, who is now a very senior government engineer. Indrajeet Shah retired as the Chief Engineer of the Government of Gujarat.

Dr Vikram has two sisters.

He is married to Dr Darshini Kirit Shah, a qualified dentist, in 1990.

Their son Shanay Vikram Shah works in Shalby Hospitals and heads the International Business Development Division.