Innovations are perhaps the foundation of Shalby’s success. Think about the future far ahead, and think in advance is Shalby’s motto. These and many innovations have catapulted Shalby Hospitals from a small 30 bed nursing home in 1994 to the current position of healthcare service leader in Western India. Some of the innovative ideas which are a part and parcel of Shalby’s School of Thought are:

  • Bone Bank: Bones from TKR are harvested and preserved. Such preserved bones are used by other orthopaedic surgeons to fill huge gaps in bones in other patients.
  • Large Joint Inventory: On many occasions Shalby’s large inventory of prosthetic joints has helped other hospitals.
  • Joint Replacement Registry: This is a record of patients undergoing joint replacement and helps in statistical analysis and Surgical Research.
  • ‘0’ Technique in TKR: This method for TKR surgery reduces time and risk and helps in early ambulation and recovery.
  • Shalby ‘We Care’ Program: All senior staff members not related to clinical department visit patients to ask after their well being and offer help where needed.
  • Friends of Shalby Foundation: A non profit organisation which conducts health awareness lectures and free check up camps for the needy Shalby Times: It is a patient centric magazine which guides patients about the latest and the best treatment options.