Medical Value Travel

Right from the time Dr Vikram Shah was operating from the first 30 bed hospital in 1994, he has been treating overseas patients. In the beginning patients came to him for TKR as a result of word of mouth testimonials. Ladies from England, Scotland and Wales visited Shalby Hospital for knee replacement as long back as 1997.

Later with the advent of internet more and more people found Shalby on the web and came to Ahmedabad for their TKR surgeries.

When Shalby became a multi speciality hospital in 2007, overseas patients who had come for TKR shared their happy memories about Shalby and suggested to friends and relatives to go to Shalby Hospitals for any type of treatment.

Today a whole wing of Shalby Hospital is dedicated to patients outside India for all types of treatments. Patients visit Shalby Hospitals from African, European and American Countries for treatments ranging from Heart Surgery, Spine Surgery, Dental Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Cancer Surgery and so on.

Thousands of patients have been treated in all branches of Shalby Hospitals till 2014. The waiting list for non critical surgeries in many countries motivates patients to bring them to Shalby Hospitals for treatment.