In the early nineties in Ahmedabad, joint replacement surgery was a sub speciality of orthopaedics which few orthopaedic surgeons practised. The reason was high cost and possibility of failure. Dr Vikram was determined to do only joint replacement and no other surgery. He persisted in that during the tough times, the first year of his practice saw only 14 surgeries.

The second year saw accelerated growth and by the turn of the century he had done more than 500 joint replacements in a single year, a phenomenal achievement even for a large hospital and a great accomplishment for an individual.

Probably that was the time the thought of sharing his experience, knowledge and skills with others germinated. He began a fellowship program where young [and in later years even older] orthopaedic surgeons came to work and learn in Shalby Hospital. Till date over 150 orthopaedic surgeons from all over India and abroad have trained in Shalby under Dr Vikram’s guidance.

Many of them were selected to continue working in Shalby as Consultants. Those who went back to their cities or towns began joint replacement surgeries.

To further promote the learning in joint replacement surgery which Dr Vikram along with like minded surgeons from all over India began the Indian Society for Hip and Knee Surgery [ISHK] which hosts an annual conference every year.